IRIB at a glance

In the Present age , employment of Radio and TV as two fast and at the same time accessible media serves as a social necessity. It is also considered as an inseparable part of the modern life. In fact , if any one is left behind , he/she would be totally omitted from the social life.

The political and social changes of the recent years in the different parts of the world signify the outbreak of intensifying media war ,focusing on winning the public opinion .It also concentrates on intended drastic changes in culture and life styles of the listeners and viewers , specifically in the Middle East .Hence, the active and effective presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting( IRIB)in this battle field requires the planning and intelligent management so that it would pave the ground for surmounting the obstacles as well as taking full advantage of opportunities to achieve its own goals.
Due to their attractions and their undeniable existence in the lives of the listeners and viewers , TV and Radio can affect the personalities, ideologies ,behaviors and finally the cultural and social contexts of a given society in terms of contents and messages they spread.
Apparently at the status quo when the supranational waves and messages have trespassed the geographical and cultural borders , with domineering empire of Western Media aiming for the cultural conversion of the Independent nations specifically focusing on the Islamic Republic of Iran, IRIB should play its key role in strengthening the country's cultural solidarity as well as stressing National identity together with fighting against the destructive waves more than before , through complete preparation .The importance of the issue can be found in the Late Imam Khomeini(Rh)'s words : "IRIB serves to be the country's public university."

News and information systems

IRIB as the national medium has given priority to the comprehensive and fast information system through coverage of the events inside and out side of the country .It also has taken great steps in this regard through expanding the news sources, and through being in contact with the news agencies ,news sites and news systems and the international systems all around the world. The organization annually provides the viewers and the listeners inside and out side the country with more than fifty thousand hours of news and information. IRIB' s news offices abroad while being in contact with the world's greatest news agencies provide the News and Information department with the latest and the most important news. Having this
All- out news coverage inside and out side the country as its duty, the news channel broadcasts annually more than three thousand hours of programs on the issues such as politics, economics, social and religious affairs .
Moreover, Young Journalists' Club( known as YJC)established by aiming at creating motivation and enthusiasm in the young generation and taking advantage of their talents in the carrier of journalism is responsible for more than 250,000 news items and reports. Al-Alam international channel together with Press TV which has been established with the aim of serving as the international information service tries to provide the viewers with the latest news on the national and international scale round –the- clock in Arabic and English ,within the realm of the most countries of the world .



Iranian TV and Radio in The Early days of existence


The establishment of radio station in Iran has been associated with that of Telegraph or wireless equipment. The First wireless equipment began to work in 1926. 12 years later in 1938 , the Organization of " Nourishment of the minds "was established in which there was a commission called "Radio". While being involved with regular broadcasting of music and news programs , the commission was obligated to produce programs for the Organization as well. The first radio transmitter began to work with transmitter with power of 20 KW short wave and a 2 KW medium wave transmitter producing 5 hours of programs located in Qasr wireless equipment center ( Today ministry of technology and communication located in Shariati street).Today IRIB broadcasts various programs via the powerful transmitters installed in Tehran under the following names: Iran Radio station ,Tehran radio station, Farhang radio station(meaning culture) ,Javan radio station ( The Youth), Sports radio station ,Quran radio , Mareef radio ( Islamic teachings and culture),Health radio station ,Payam radio station , Dialogue radio station ,the familiar voice radio station ,Business radio station ,( as the last Radio station installed and run in late October of the current year).Each of which follow their aims and their special mission in spreading the news and messages to the listeners. There are also 32 provincial centers including some other towns in which the local and provincial transmitters provide the listeners with exclusive and regional news. Furthermore, today, there are world service radios which broadcast exclusive and various programs and news in more than 30 languages and dialects namely as : English, German, French, Russian , Spanish , Albanian , Bosnian, Italian , Turkish , Armenian , Indian, Japanese, Urdu and Chinese .According to local time of Europe, Americas , Asia and Africa. It is note worthy that the install and run of the first world service transmitter dates back to 1946 .


The first TV transmitter began to work in October, 1958 with power of 20 KW .It produced 4 hours of programs (from 18-22 PM.) Though it was powered by the privet sector in Tehran. One year later in September (1959)the second transmitter was put into use in Abadan. The National Iranian TV was founded in 1966 and along with this the first provincial TV transmitter was installed in Urmia .Since then in a rather gradual pace the cities including Bandar Abbas, Isfahan , Shiraz , Rasht , Kermashah, Hamedan , Khuzestan , Tabriz , Kerman ,Zahedan , Mahabad and Sanandaj began to have their own TV transmitters so that today there are 32 provincial centers which not only enjoy the national coverage of the national transmitter but also they have their own provincial and local TV and Radio transmitters. The provincial TV channels are producing and broadcasting the different forms of programs such as TV series , the documentaries and the local news.They do so in terms of the needs and cultural values and customs of different regions. At the status quo , In the Islamic Republic of Iran TV channels 1 and 2 which were established before the Islamic Revolution have been expanded to 8 TV channels which are as following: Channel 1 ( national channel),Channel 2 (cultural and scientific channel)channel 3 ( for the youth),Channel 4(for intellectuals and the educated people),Channel 5 (is exclusively limited to Tehran), The news channel ( The daily news) Quran and Islamic teaching ( the call of monotheism) and education and learning channel at a national level. In addition to establishment of Sima Film as well as creating the center for making documentaries , Saba cultural and artistic center (which is responsible for animation production) also provides the animation production of the channels to some extent. There are 5 universal channels namely as : Jame jam 1, 2, 3 Al_Alam , Sahar , Al-Kawthar and Press TV which provide news coverage for IRIB's listeners and viewers and Moslems all around the world.

The Electronic Media and the Written Media ( The Supplementary Media)

In addition to conveying the message to the listeners and viewers through its channels together with more than 100 sites , IRIB also takes the advantage of the possibilities and potentials of the written medium so that it has it's own site ( as its virtual media .Its subcategories are created by each of IRIB's channels which in turn create and spread the content in the worldwide web .8 native TV Channels,12 native radio stations together with 27 world service channels and 6 satellite channels in different languages have their own sites representing the data and information in forms of : written text, Audio and visual files, live broadcast of the channels. Besides all this , there are also comprehensive information all present in in the fields such as religion (Quran, Hajj, prayers) medicine, education, literature, politics and technology ,music , literature , news and information systems .The irib site together with all of its sub parts is now considered as one of the greatest Iranian sites visited by too many visitors.
In the written media section, Jame jam newspaper with a daily circulation of more than 450000 is available to the readers. Jame-jam on- line is also another way for the readers to get access to the content of the newspaper through internet. Another part of the IRIB's written media is presented to readers in a rather different form: magazines and books published by the Islamic research centers publishing house, aimed at publishing the invaluable religious sources ,Soroush ( the publishing house of IRIB)by publishing magazines ,weeklies, (both for the adults and the youth), monthlies ( for adolescents and for children)and quarterlies ( Soroush Andisheh).The publishing of the books and research texts in the field of religion, science and social affairs play important role in supporting the content of IRIB's programs and serves as a suitable guidance for the authors and producers of the programs ,so that they can enrich the content of the programs .

Center for Music and Songs

Policy making ,programming and paying attention to music production and music broadcasting on IRIB's channels so that they will be confirmed by the religious and cultural beliefs are among the most critical duties of the national medium. To achieve such an aim IRIB has taken measures to establish the Center for music and songs in Tehran as well as the provincial centers so that music production in the genres like classic, folk music modal and symphonic music are in conformity with the country's national culture and religion.

The general principles of IRIB's policies are as follows :
Article 1.The majesty and supremacy of Islam over all of the programs so that the programs which are against Islamic criterion would be avoided.
Article2. The majesty of spirit of the Islamic revolution as well as that of constitution over all of the programs all of which are crystallized in the slogan of independence ,Liberty , Islamic Republic of Iran.
Article3. The fulfillment of the Supreme Leader's point of view as the Islamic Jurisprudent considering all sides in the TV and Radio programs in the intended principles.
Article4. Setting the situation toward the self-sufficiency and embodiment of the policy of "Neither East, Nor West" in all of the fields of politics, social affairs, culture ,economics and military within the framework of the Islamic Republic's Laws.
Article5.IRIB should serve as a public university which contributes to spreading of awareness and growth of society in the different fields of religion, politics, social affairs, economics , culture and military.
Article6.Appreciating the humanitarian prestige and avoidance of any case of dishonor , through observing the Islamic Laws.
Article7.IRIB belongs to the Iranian nation therefore It should reflect the lives and states of country's different tribes and social classes. It goes without saying that within all this, the most important thing to be noticed would be the religious Majority (Moslems) The Economic minority ( the oppressed) and the age majority (adolescents and children.)
Article8. According to Holy verse ( The Family of Imran, Verse 103,)of Quran : "واعتصمو به حبل الله جميعا و لا تفرقوا" which means: (And Hold fast by the covenant of Allah together and be not disunited.)IRIB' s main move should be in the direction of strengthening of the society along with keeping it united , supporting its affinity and integrity and avoiding people from disunity.
Article9. Saying welcome to criticism and the viewers and listeners' constructive suggestion and creating a mutual communication with society as well as institutionalizing it as a part of a whole of the social order for program enrichments.
Article10. IRIB is obligated to convey its message as indirectly as possible within the attractive artistic frameworks in terms of the different social classes in order to touch the feelings and thoughts of the society.
Article11.Trying to let the humanitarian talents flourish so that it would result in fertile imaginations and minds.
Article12.Enforcing and boosting the morale ,hope , trust ,hardworking ,altruism and resistance, according to the spiritual needs of the people.
Article13.The fair TV and Radio coverage focusing on the priorities of cultural, political and geographical essence.
Article14.Setting the situation for acceleration and enforcement of the national bodies( which are Executive, Judiciary, legislative )programs.
Article15.IRIB is an eloquent speech of the nation and at the same time serves as the Eyes and the Ears of the country. Therefore, it is obligated to inform the people in charge of affairs about the needs and problems of people and at the same time to provide people with the latest news on the legal bodies' achievements and problems so that it can pave the ground for the mutual understanding and profound relation among the different social classes.

IRIB's Affiliated institutes and Companies

SABA Cultural and Artistic Center
Founded in 1968

1.To meet IRIB's needs in the field of animation production for the children and the Adolescents
2.Upgrading the level of the Iranian animation industry quantitatively and qualitatively around the world.
3.Supporting the private companies involved in animation production.
4.Identifying and supporting the country's talented man power.
5.Conducting researches in order to achieve the advanced techniques and the modern technologies in the field of animation and puppetry production.
6. Participating in activities such as accepting orders of animation production and also co-production with the other real and legal persons and the exchange of the visual products with native or foreign institutes.

Sima Film
1.Production of the prestigious visual products in the forms of the movies, motion films, documentaries, theater and the other visual programs , emphasizing on Iranian values, Iranian culture , art and civilization.
2.Marketing and selling the program making services and the laboratory made and visual products
3.Paving the ground for the all-out supporting of men of visual industry in Iran as well as supplying the required facilities for more active participation of the foundations and organizations in program making process.
4.Participating in organizing the effective sources in the visual industry as well as supporting it quantitatively and qualitatively and promoting the level of individuals' intellect and specialty of the manpower involved in the country's visual arts industry.

Takta Company
Founded in 1977
It is the company for conducting research and manufacturing the electronics.
1. Meeting the technological needs
2. Making the Radio and TV transmitters in order to achieve self –sufficiency
3. Providing technology and completion of researches in the field of the digital systems as well as manufacturing the necessary equipment needed by IRIB.

Sima Chub ( literally means Sima wood)
Founded in 1976
1.To make the required furniture together with decoration of the office buildings ,movie theater ,conference halls and amphitheaters ordered by IRIB and the other organizations.
2.Designing and complete supply of the equipments of the conference halls with isolated and decorative walls as well as sound proof ceiling construction, lighting as well as providing the solutions for hall floors ,curtains ,……etc.
3.Designing and manufacturing of varieties of office furniture with equipments which make the task easier for simultaneous translation.
4.Designing ,production and install of the partition walls using aluminum ,wood,….

Founded in 1976
1.Try to achieve the best degree of quality in terms of the construction products and international buildings codes and standards
2.The constructional production according to culture and needs of the customers as well as strengthening the buildings through using the best materials in order to decrease the damages to the least degree.

Soroush ( The Publishing House of IRIB)
Soroush at first began to work under the" name of Tamasha" magazine in 1970.After the victory of the Islamic Revolution , Tamasha ,turned to 'Soroush" In another words, since 1977 The volume 395 of Tamasha magazine was officially published under the name of Soroush and a new emblem appeared on its cover. And soon it gained popularity among the Iranian families.
The cultural activity of Soroush is not just limited to publishing magazines.However; it deals with compiling ,translating printing and publishing books of scientific, educational and cultural nature in the fields of literature, Iranian and Islamic genuine culture and art, the pure and applied sciences, the social sciences , communication and other branches of science and it is dedicated to the aims and missions of IRIB and Islamic Revolution achievements in Farsi and other languages. As a result
Soroush has been known as the best publisher in the 3 years (1996,1997 and 1999).Compilation and printing the invaluable and highly prestigious books such as Avicenna's 'Cannon of medicine ',the Holy Quran ,Baysanghori's Shanameh ,Hajviri's Kashefol Mahjub and complete collection of the volumes of Copelstone's History of Philosophy, Hafiz as well as Publishing the books and professional and general magazines and public books in forms of weeklies, monthlies ,quarterlies and the year books are just a few examples of what is done in this publishing house. Soroush is also responsible for printing the texts of IRIB's programs such as scenarios ,plays as books or magazines as well as designing and printing posters ,leaflets and the official application forms.

Soroush Resaneh ( literally means Soroush medium)
Founded in 2004
The aims and activities
1.Formation of boards of experts and advisors for achieving the comprehensive plans of structure of the network and providing the spatial capacities for internet based potentials.
2. Applying the experts' opinions as well as coordinating , providing the equipments and allocating the place to information data bases of the interactive networks in the intended cities.
3.Applying the expert's opinions and designs of the communicative wireless plans among the centers and headquarters and install of the satellite equipment in order to be connected to the world wide web.
4.Creating design of the public communication system of telecommunication ( optical fiber and E1 lines) and install of computer equipment in the sites.

Soroush Audio and Visual Company
Founded in 1957
The aims and activities
1. 1.Creating TV and radio commercials based on the technical and content creating principles of IRIB.
2. Production as well as reproduction of visual works of Soroush , Soroush Sima and Internet and supporting the IRIB's advertising affairs.
3. Taking the official agentship of several major foreign companies in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region.
4. Establishing the 30 agencies in the provincial centers with similar services
5. Receiving and broadcasting of commercials while providing the owners of commercials with services .
6. Exercising special care to appreciate the customers' rights as well as rights of Soroush itself through observing all of the disciplines and regulations.
7. Holding the permanent exhibition of the latest audio -visual achievements
8. Designing and performing the professional Audio visual systems used in studios and conference halls and amphitheater .
9. Using the latest achievements of digital technology in Radio production
10. Offering after sale service, providing the spare parts and professional systems repairs , upkeeps as well as offering vocational education services and professional advisory systems in choosing the professional and sophisticated systems and equipments.